Fellowship Of the Heart


Our ministry – Fellowship of the Heart – is all about facilitating Joy and Transformation because, as Teilhard de Chardin said: “Joy is the most infallible sign of the Presence of God!” and transformation is the existential evolutionary imperative of our time. So we …

🌟Love the Essential Self

🌟Divine the Inherent Pattern

🌟Invite the Elegant Solution

🌟Welcome the Highest Good

As my beloved husband let go of his physical vessel we partner in this, our heart-based ministry, collaborating in ways I am just beginning to understand. We are still visioning a verdant viable world that works for all and continue offering affirmative prayer therapy, integral life coaching and sacred ceremonies to commemorate significant life events. Let us know how our Fellowship of the Heart may best serve you on your path. Here is our vision followed by a list of the methods we embody for manifestation.

Our Ideal

We see a world in which everyone and everything thrive, where each sentient being is cherished, loved and appreciated for their essential Self. All our needs are met and an opportunity to express is enjoyed by all. The good, the true and the beautiful are our norms and we celebrate new ways to engage and enlarge upon each one every day.

Our Earth-home is well cared for and cultivated with loving stewardship. Her resources are husbanded responsibly. Wilderness and the natural environment are restored and our footprint as a species is light, spare and respectful. Our Universe is an endless playground of discovery and delight.

Literature, poetry, architecture and art of every description, dance, theater and music abound! Daily we revel in the creations of our own and other fellow beings as we revere the wonders of Creation itself. Efficiency and elegance go hand in hand to make even the simplest of routines a joyous song of the soul.

Relationships provide us with the delight of conscious connection, an awakening over and over to the Oneness of all in infinite variety. Giving and receiving, serving and being served, blessing and being blessed are all an endless dance of love.

Bodies are our “home away from home”, a temporal gift to experience the space-time continuum and express essence within this dimensional plane. This physical house is a fit vehicle: robust, vital, harmonious with itself and it’s environment. The senses of body and mind give a richness to life that is unsurpassed and welcome. It is clear that we are intended to move from glory to glory, from ecstasy to more…the possibilities for joy in form are endless.

Essential Practices

Heart Coherence: Entrain our heart rhythm pattern to create physiological coherence; a scientifically measurable state characterized by increased order and harmony in our mind, emotions and body. Characterized by:

  • Heart focused breathing
  • ActivatIng a positive or renewing feeling

Meditation: Settle the body comfortably so that it is not in need, quiet the passionate emotional tides, dis-identify with the intriguing world of thought, enter into stillness with no objective or goal save to be there. Techniques can include:

  • Awareness of breath
  • Using a mantra
  • Chanting
  • One-pointed looking
  • Contemplation of an ideal
  • Guided imagery
  • Silence
  • The gap…

Visioning: This is an invitation to “catch” the highest possibility for an individual, an event or a circumstance. We ask a series of questions and then LISTEN!

  • What is the highest vision, best possibility for _______?
  • What does it look, sound, smell, taste, feel like?
  • What must I become for this to occur?
  • What would I be giving up?
  • What would I gain?
  • What one thing can I do in this direction right now?

Affirmative Prayer (Spiritual Mind Treatment): This is the process of changing our thinking regarding some aspect of our lives. We consciously shift our awareness from the perspective which created or allowed our current circumstances to one which would allow the experience we envision. We use an intelligent spiritual energy in the invisible mental world with the authority and power to manifest in our experience. This is the way we consciously participate in the process of creation.

  • Acknowledge that God is all there is.
  • Remember that I am one with That I Am.
  • Become conscious that all Good is manifesting now.
  • Experience gratitude
  • In quiet confidence, simply let it go and let it be.

Mindfulness: We are largely creatures of habit. Mindfulness is about new habits.

  • Affirmation on refrigerators, mirrors, visors
  • Reminders through clocks chiming, alarms, phones
  • Associative exercises like watching the news, eating and bathroom rituals

Priming the pump: Study something inspiring everyday!

  • Read a book
  • Science of Mind magazine
  • www.HumanityRising.Solutions
  • TED talks
  • YouTube
  • Discovery channel and PBS
  • Spiritual Cinema and AwakeTVNetwork
  • Audio books

Shadow work: The hero’s journey, which is the story of every individual in human form, requires a calling, often experienced as a betrayal of innocence or a wounding. It is what initiates the story of our lives. It is what makes it go! It is actually the place where our lives get juicy! It is also where we can get stuck. Shadow work is the remembering, integrating, cherishing and healing of those wounds. We found The Art & Practice of Living with Nothing and No One Against You, The I of the Storm and the 21-day Q Process by Gary Simmons to be the best set of tools for this process that came our way in all our years of ministry.

Beholding: Ernest Holmes wrote: “The perception of wholeness is the consciousness of healing.” We intend to be a blessing in the world, so we do not see it as broken, nor do we view ourselves or others as flawed! We perceive and acknowledge and affirm and appreciate the inherent wholeness and perfection at the center of everything and celebrate it! We know that this awareness constitutes the single greatest gift we can make to humankind and the world we love!

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