D9B12A64-C6CF-44AC-BBD5-6D7AD780B773This is a love story and an adventure tale about two very different people and one incredible idea. Both Gil and Gail grew up in southern California, less than twenty miles from each other…but a generation apart. Gil was born in 1928, lived (mostly) in Pasadena, became a jazz trumpet player and moved to Las Vegas in 1952. That happened to be the year Gail was born in Los Angeles and moved to Tujunga. Gil started a family (daughter Karen was born in 1954) and a music career playing all the big name entertainers who graced casino stages in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Gail started school and went to the La Crescenta Church of Religious Science Sunday School. Gil found Science of Mind when career and marriage both hit rough patches. Gail was in the YORS youth group and went to work at Home Office in the World Ministry of Prayer. Gil became a practitioner and felt his call to the ministry. Gail had known since she was ten years old that she wanted to be a minister, and that she wanted to be married to one. Their paths crossed in the fall of 1974 when they both attended the Ernest Holmes College student body retreat at Cedar Lake. They have literally been together ever since. They have a son, Adam, born in 1980, and served two churches in thirty-five years: Lake Tahoe and Carson City, NV. In 2016, after ten years of caregiving for Gail’s Mom Nikki and raising their granddaughter Aiden, Gil and Gail got a motor home and took to the open road for their next adventure and started their new ministry: Fellowship of the Heart. Stay tuned as “more will be revealed!” The one incredible idea: God is all there really is. Applying this idea, exploring the implications and ramifications of this radical and riveting perspective, has been their life’s work. They share their journey openly with all who want to travel this path of spiritual practices together.