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Being a self conscious and sentient human being is amazing!! This is because life is about (wait for it!) aliveness, not deadness. It is, in Itself, grace, serendipity, joy and coherence! It has produced a delicious feeling within me of what Christian Larson described many years ago as “the Ideal made real.”  As I blossom every day in this amazing grace, every moment of my experience proves Life is Itself THE IDEAL MADE REAL!!!

However, sometimes my opinions on the appearances in life seem rather alarming so I turn (as a last resort of course) to my preferred method of affirmative prayer known as Spiritual Mind Treatment, all the while subjectively hoping that this will work or else I am in serious trouble! This, in return, sets up what Job predicted in Biblical times: “that which I greatly feared has come upon me!” What a dilemma! Why do I forget about THE IDEAL MADE REAL? SERENDIPITY and GRACE are built into the system. I know this! My only gig is to get my bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits. Why don’t I “just do it?”

My wife, Reverend Gail reminded me recently of an early story about Charles and Mrytle Fillmore, founders of Unity. Myrtle had suffered all her life from tuberculosis and believed herself to be chronically weak and sickly. She and Charles went to hear noted metaphysician Dr. E. B. White. He spoke eloquently of our innate ability for divine healing through affirmative prayer. Myrtle really “got” this message and was healed! As her husband witnessed her amazing transformation and they began to explore their healing potential for themselves and others, what was to become Unity Worldwide Ministries was born!

An interesting event took place in Gail’s and my life back in 1984. We were hired by the trustees of the Unity Church in Carson City. Gail and I had been trained and ordained by the (then) United Church of Religious Science, which was headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, but we accepted the call to serve this Unity congregation because 1) they wanted us, 2) we felt we had something to give and 3) we had wonderful support from Reverend (now Doctor) Ruth Faulkner (now Deaton) who was Director of the Department of Member Churches for UCRS! One of our congregation was a life-long Unity student of more than fifty years and a retired nurse. Georgie Gressot was taking our Science of Mind I class, the introductory curriculum of the time, taught by Gail, when one of the other students queried “what’s the difference between Unity and Religious Science?” Georgie offered to answer! “Unity creates the bridge from traditional Christianity to New Thought. Once we cross over, Religious Science brings us home!” A brilliant answer which she was uniquely qualified to give! She also used to like saying “God is in charge!” Whenever I forget what I know, or worse yet, remember and still neglect to live it, Georgie and Myrtle come to my mind and snap me out of it! No one needs to be sick, unhappy, impoverished or anything less than their ideal! The Ideal is what’s really the Truth about every one of us! Life is and always has been an INSIDE job, never the opposite. Be happy. Live YOUR Ideal life today!

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There is NO reason to think that Life is serious. To the contrary, there is ample evidence pointing to how benevolent and creative is the mystery of life itself There is, in this particular moment, this tiny point of consciousness known as me, on this teensy weensy planet called Earth, that exists on the fringe of a curiously small galaxy, in a seemingly endlessly BIG Universe. In the cosmic scheme of things, how can what I think make any impression on God, the Good, that created ALL that exists.? Well, this is, in fact, that very great mystery of life, because the answer is: my thought DOES matter, it actually becomes matter, literally! Thought is forever in the process of creating form and then deserting the form it has created to begin again! Thought changes everything, or thought is the method by which the continuous flow of things occur! Ernest Holmes wrote: “Thoughts are the causes of things. Change your thinking, keep it changed, and you will change your life.” Actually, it’s much harder NOT to change your mind! I do it so often I’ve got the cleanest mind around! It’s all very mysterious and incredibly wonderful. And totally my choice! Who shall I be, what shall I do, how can I play more wholeheartedly in this glorious experience of life, today? I choose to live in the grace of God, the good, now.! It’s a miracle, a mystery and I love it!

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