via Daily Prompt: Finally

No such thing. Every time I finish the dishes, fold and put away the last load of laundry, rake the last leaf, dry the last tear, I think of “it” as complete. Finally. Yeah, right. Not in this universe. The space/time continuum is a Möbius strip, going up the stairs in a drawing by M C Escher or the ones at Hogwarts, the original Never Ending Story, the Windmills of Your Mind… Is that comforting or terrifying? Depends.

2 Comments on “Finally.

  1. Comforting – why wash the dishes if they’re just going to still be there later? I know, I know, but consider this: why worry about the little things? These moments, these things we do every day in a form of ritual are the moments when the mind is free to ponder, the groan, to consider. Free time, while the hands are busy. A bonus.


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