When for no earthly reason I can think of…..


I used to think that my anxiety, or what some know as panic attacks, had real life corollary events or causes. Similarly, I expected that some change in the world of manifestation would be the remedy. Wrong on both counts apparently. I have witnessed and weathered terrible crises with remarkable aplomb, collapsed into helplessness when absolutely nothing averse was occurring and experienced no perceptible shift inwardly at all when conditions improved or deteriorated. Now that’s just weird if you ask me!

I do have a strong preference for equanimity, even cheerfulness. And I am willing to adjust whatever is necessary to restore my equilibrium. But sometimes the only thing that seems to work is a pill, prescribed by someone credentialed and taken according to directions. I’m not sure why that should be for me an occasion of shame; Ernest Holmes said there was as much God in a surgeon’s knife or a pill as in a prayer, and I have believed him on everything else.

So I hereby admit there are times when I weep uncontrollably for no apparent reason and times that I tremble with dread and other times when I am vicious in speaking to my most dearly beloved. But not today. I saw it coming and took the pill. I will return to reading (Fire and Fury, nothing upsetting there!) playing Words With Friends, listening to it rain on our metal roof, making beef stew and cornbread for dinner and gently responding to the dear man around whom my life revolves with good humor and gentle affection. I guess that makes the little pill a bloody miracle, huh?

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  1. Anxiety can also be our mnd trying to caution us. The other day when we went hiking I transferedmy wallet from purse to backpack, & forgot to transfer it back. Later that evening I did a grocery run while kids were off at yourh group and this increasing sense of anxiety crept in as I gathered the groceries. It wasn’t until getting to the check out & discovering the misding wallet that the anxiety made sense! There are times when the anxiety has no immediately recognizable trigger, too, but this latest adventure has me wondering what anxiety is trying to communicate from the Subconscious to the conscious. Our bodies are marvelous – intricate and wonderfully made by a loving Creator. Every last fiber of our beings. We are blessed to have intuition and medicines to help when needed be able to get help to right the boat when things get off keel. Its all a blessing! Love you!

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