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Pilgrims progress…

Progress is a noun, describing forward movement achieved. It’s also a verb, when the accent is on the second syllable, meaning the act of moving as it is occurring. Like sharks swimming in the sea, we have to keep moving or we die. And… Continue Reading “Pilgrims progress…”

Embracing Opposites

Enya sings a song that, from my first hearing, even before I discerned all the lyrics, captured my attention and my heart. “Anywhere Is” was written by Nicky Ryan, Roma Ryan and Eithne Ni Bhraonain. The photo above is Henry Harvey’s “Moon Waves.” I… Continue Reading “Embracing Opposites”

Never on Sunday

Today we went to the pool area of our current resort and got into the hot tub with a young man I’d never seen before. He was thirty-something with long hair and a full, if somewhat scraggly beard, slender, with his arms and face… Continue Reading “Never on Sunday”

Arizona Highways

We visited last week at 5000 feet in the pine and cedar forests of Payson, AZ at our niece Linda Mills’ house. She has a lovely, comfy home at the end of a culdesac where it’s quiet and cool. We played with her great… Continue Reading “Arizona Highways”

Let it…

In the predawn hours, I sit quietly and notice the worlds within and without me. Wind rattles the handle on our closed awning against the side of our motorhome. I feel the gentle rocking and I relax into it. A train rumbles in the… Continue Reading “Let it…”

Beyond Hope

We drove from Lake Havasu City to Salome, Arizona yesterday on Gil’s ninetieth birthday. It was a beautiful two hour journey we stretched to three. We followed the meandering Colorado River, went through colorful rock canyons of improbable shapes and hues, over miles of… Continue Reading “Beyond Hope”

Another Day at the Pool

There was another couple at the pool last week when we went for our dip. In their late twenties or early thirties, they were experimenting with new snorkeling gear they said they’d bought on EBay. They practiced getting the fit right, holding their breath… Continue Reading “Another Day at the Pool”

Quo Vadis?

“I know where I’m going and I know who’s going with me. I know who I love and my Dear knows who I’ll marry…” Traditional Irish Ballad New moon. Planets going (or in) retrograde. Equinox aready in the wings. A quickening. Sap rising. A… Continue Reading “Quo Vadis?”


Some trucks have their owner’s name emblazoned on the side. Cabs have little signs that stick up from their roofs advertising stuff. Busses, too, sell space to get somebody’s message across. We just have our Nevada license plate which reads LUV2YOU on the front… Continue Reading “LUV2YOU”

When for no earthly reason I can think of…..

I used to think that my anxiety, or what some know as panic attacks, had real life corollary events or causes. Similarly, I expected that some change in the world of manifestation would be the remedy. Wrong on both counts apparently. I have witnessed… Continue Reading “When for no earthly reason I can think of…..”