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Re-post from July of 2015 at Incline Village, Nevada Yesterday I was confronted by a stranger and required to establish whether or not I had a right to be where he thought I oughtn’t. I didn’t like it one bit. We have lived in… Continue Reading “CIRCLES: IN OR OUT”


On the surface of the world right now there iswar and violence and things seem darkBut calmly and quietly, at the same time,something else is happening undergroundAn inner revolution is taking placeand certain individuals are being called to a higher lightIt is a silent… Continue Reading “A SPIRITUAL CONSPIRACY”

My ideal

I see a world in which everyone and everything thrive, where each sentient being is cherished, loved and appreciated for their essential Self. All our needs are met and an opportunity to express is enjoyed by all. The good, the true and the beautiful… Continue Reading “My ideal”

In loving memory…

Gil’s story… 1928 born in Alhambra, CA to Edith Mary Clough and Donald LeRoy Linsley, his older sister was Mary Edith.  1940 Joined the school band to be with his friends. Wanted to play drums, but that spot was taken; they handed him a… Continue Reading “In loving memory…”

This could be the most wonderful Christmas ever…

I had a dream last night worthy of the name nightmare. Right up there with Scrooge’s visitor from a future Christmas, this dream came a-haunting. In it were people and circumstances familiar, yet which had never before happened, a single theme binding them all… Continue Reading “This could be the most wonderful Christmas ever…”

Pilgrims progress…

Progress is a noun, describing forward movement achieved. It’s also a verb, when the accent is on the second syllable, meaning the act of moving as it is occurring. Like sharks swimming in the sea, we have to keep moving or we die. And… Continue Reading “Pilgrims progress…”

It’s been a long day…


“Yes I am a pirate, two hundred years too late. The cannons don’t thunder, there’s nothing to plunder. I’m an over forty victim of fate, arriving too late, arriving too late…” A Pirate Looks at Forty Gil and I just finished reading Captain Blood… Continue Reading “Swashbuckling!”

Tell me again …

… because, for a minute there, I forgot … “There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer; No disease that enough love will not heal; No door that enough love  will not open; No gulf that enough love will not bridge; No… Continue Reading “Tell me again …”

4:00 am

This is when, in the Pacific time zone of the United States, we join together with people all over the planet in meditating for world peace. We began this annual practice many years ago while we were serving our church in Carson City, Nevada.… Continue Reading “4:00 am”